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Latest News About Eric

Eric is constantly evolving and we're trying to keep up with the changes.

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How do you work this?

For now I need to work out how to work this theme.

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Someone, somewhere is writing code.

And that code will influence your life.

Code is god!
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Eric is presently waiting for parts so I’m doing this website.  If the bits turn up then I may just knock off doing updates for a while.

The site is now live as of 24th May 1018. The basic site is up and I will move pages over from my home server to the site as I error check them for broken links. The website was originally designed for my own use as a way of keeping all the documentation for Eric all in one place and easily accessible while I was programming.  I’m putting this site up as a way of sharing my experience with others in the robot community, yes, I know it’s WordPress, yes, I know you can hack it, no, don’t screw it up or I will just take it down.  This website is for you.

You don’t need to sign up to post a comment but please keep your posts “child friendly”.  I’m moderating the posts for now so don’t worry if your post does not appear for a while as I’m not always by the computer.