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Eric’s code is c++ with a lot of screw ups.  I’m not a C programmer, I’m not writing the best of code, I’m just making Eric work.  I’ll try and define code for:

  • Sensors
  • Networking
  • Logic and disision making

I will also list the data-sheets for the following sensors and control systems I am using on Eric, such as:

  • Gyro
  • Compass
  • Temprature sensor
  • Voltage monitor
  • CLock

I’ve not done any compilation of the header files, Iknow that it will take less time to compile but I’m making so many changes there would have to be a lot of compilation every time I want to update Eric’s code.


Plotting the objects on the map

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My first mistake was to try working in degrees.  It made sense when I started as I could see what was going on but as the mathematics get more complicated I need to be working in radians.  Now is the time to ensure that all the internal variables are in radians and they only become degrees for display purposes. Read More

Why chose C

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As choices go C++ seemed to me the best option as I already know how to compile a program.

It does not matter what you use to program your robot as long as you are comfortable with the language.